Donate to Grimethorpe

Grimethorpe Colliery Band is now proudly partnered with the National Funding Scheme DONATE, a registered charity specifically set up to help charities in the arts and heritage sector to fundraise using digital technology.

Donate was launched as a pilot programme in March 2013 which featured 11 leading arts organisations. The National Portrait Gallery, National Trust and the Victoria & Albert Museum were among the pathfinder partners. Following the success of the pilot programme, the scheme is now being rolled out nationwide.

How does Donate work?

Wherever a Donate symbol is found, requesting support for a particular cause, donations can be made through a variety of digital channels, including your mobile device (smartphone, tablet etc). DONATE combines SMS texting, Near Field Communication and QR code scanning, web app and physical signage into one simple platform, meaning people can give through one recognised brand via multiple channels.

You can Donate to Grimethorpe Colliery Band in three different ways:

  • Sending a text message via your mobile using the specific code that appears on GCB signage and sites
  • Accessing the Donate website via your computer or mobile device
  • Holding a mobile device over the ‘Touch’ symbol on signage, if your device supports contactless Near-Field Communication (NFC), or hovering over the QR code on posters or programmes (if you have installed a QR scanner app on your device
Current Grimethorpe fundraising campaigns will soon be available via the Donate website If you would be interested in making a general donation to Grimethorpe, externally of Donate, please contact us here If you would be interested in becoming a commercial partner of Grimethorpe Colliery Band, please visit the sponsor's section of the website here